Who is the company O.P. Rosaria?

The Companies O.P. enhance the Red Tarot, thanks to strong temperature range between day and night, caused by Etna, acquires particular pigmentation process that makes red oranges, enhancing the taste and unique scent. When choosing oranges, from today, try Rosaria, reveal the qualities.

What is Rosaria?

Pannitteri Rosaria is a brand and as such is guaranteed by the company that is among the leaders in this area, then control and quality are the main characteristics he can count on a consumer of red oranges Etna.

Where you Find Orange Rosaria?

Orange Rosaria is a Belpasso in Contrada Porticelli SP 135-95100 Belpasso (Catania) - Click here to see map.

We may contact you?

Certainly, the phone number is: 095 7913562

Where can we find your Oranges as well as the online store?

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Shipments are free and the times?

They are always free to shipping, and delivery times are between 24-48 hours. The shipments are made on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

How it is organized the order? There is a risk that oranges come bruised?

Orders are organized in boxes inside where you will find the networks that contain our oranges, so they are well organized there should not be a risk that the oranges arrive dented.

Where it is produced your oranges?

Rosaria is produced in the plain of Catania, a plain located between 200 and 300 meters above sea level, full of history and tradition with a great vocation for the cultivation of red oranges. A unique area with unique climatic characteristics, hot and sunny day, cold and dry at night.

What guarantee me your Oranges?

Low in fat and calories, rich in minerals and vitamins, is ideal for a healthy and genuine wellness.

Your Oranges can be used in cooking?

Certainly, in addition to being eaten fresh, for example, from the peel you get good candy and can also be used in the production of sauces, desserts and jams. They can also be used to make some: Entrees, Appetizers, Condiments, Side Dishes, Desserts, Liqueur, Primi Piatti, Second courses with meat or fish.